The Regenerates is an organization working at the convergence of art, environmentalism, technology, and cosmology. We are dedicated to creating a holistic future for New York City, its residents, its food systems, and its waters. Through urban agriculture, hydro-remediation, and community education, a more sustainable, more beautiful city (and region, and world) is possible.

We work at the intersection of art and ecology, bringing environmental awareness and activism to the party scene and the creative avant-garde to the forbidding realms of policy and science.

Regenerates is an online and in-person hub for the exchange of ideas that will bring such a world into reality.

From cacao ceremonies to riverfront cleanups to alchemical salons gathering experts from across the scientific, creative, and policy world, we are a vanguard community committed to envisioning and enacting the next New York: one that works for all people, honors indigenous traditions, and makes room for flourishing biodiversity and restored environmental health.