We Live in an Archipelago. The waterways are the lifeblood of the city.

Imagine taking your family to a beach in lower Manhattan — and actually being able to get in the water. Imagine the post-industrial wasteland of the Gowanus Canal turned into a flourishing wetlands park. Imagine healthy waters all the way up to the sources of the nine rivers that feed into New York Harbor. Regenerates is pulling out all the stops in order to achieve this and more.

What direct actions can we use to clean up the most polluted places in our area? How can we connect more folks to the power and importance of our water? What are the past and present causes for this problem? How can we restore wetlands — Flushing, Jamaica, and more — and improve waterfront access and value? How did the native peoples who lived here for 1000s of years relate to the water?


We are committed to bringing together New York’s leading experts and advocates — from Riverkeeper and Waterkeeper to the Columbia University Earth Insitute and the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities t0 the Welikia Project to the Friends of the Highline t0 the Billion Oyster Project — to take NYC’s stewardship to the next level in the coming years.

Along with the expert advocacy, we aim to integrate another, undersung aspect: respect and reverence for these waters, the source of our life and well-being.

Like so many of our ancestors, we are river-dwellers. And those ancestors had interfaces with water from which we have become detached. Regenerates aims to heal these divides and perform ritual for the preservation and restoration of the water. From fire and flower pujas to Direct Action bioremediation to vibrational healing and song to talks by indigenous leaders and elders from the Wampanoag nation and visiting dignitaries from tribal peoples worldwide, we will integrate the traditional knowledge ways in an effort to understand our water as a subject, with a will, intention and spirit of its own.