Urban Agriculture is coming on-line. The tech is accessible, affordable, scalable and easy to learn.

How can we change the way we produce food in the city?

Community Gardens, Reclaimed Farms (596 Acres), Microfarms, Aqua- and Aeroponics, Space Buckets, and, most of all, the vision of Vertical Farming that was birthed at the Columbia University Earth Insitute will all contribute to the elevation and ultimate success of this movement. Regenerates is dedicated to forming a link between the progressive ventures and localcommunity boards, non-profits, city councils, and foundations. We dream of a city with an official ‘Agriculture Advisor.’ A city where we realize the possibility of 50 by 50 — for 50% of the food consumed in New York to be grown in New York by the year 2050. A city where we teach children to garden and grow fruit trees in parks for all to enjoy.